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Mia Martí is a versatile artist: she works with different supports and techniques that make her a multidisciplinary creator. His painting is fused with acrylics and inks; makes engraving; photographs are involved ... In the same way, he works on different supports such as woods, fabrics or papers. Techniques and supports that Mia Martí delicately dissolves and thanks to her skill she is able to hide, behind harmonic compositions full of harmony, a complex elaboration.

In her paintings, shapes and lines dissolve in such a way that you don't know where some end and the others begin, her bright and balanced colors, the way she distributes them, the transparencies, the compositional game ... these are elements that Mia Martí uses. to express themselves with their own language. And yet it is she herself who says:

"We can talk about technique, composition, shapes and colors, we can talk about creative processes and references. Everything can be curious, interesting, but not relevant or necessary because, despite everything, they will not properly explain my painting. the means to achieve an end, the pictorial experience of the painter and also of the viewer ".


"Own language" that happens so as not to incorporate figurative elements, nor does he just name his works to avoid determining factors in the viewer's gaze. The theme of Mia Martí's work is the same painting, it aims to provide the viewer with an experiential experience, a space for dialogue between work and viewer away from the closest reality to enter a different reality, art. Mia Martí achieves, thanks to her craft and a lot of "cooking", a work with a very personal stamp that the viewer can always identify.



Cristina Requena

Director of the Artemisia Gallery, Art & Tendències


MIA MARTÍ ROCA, Barcelona, 1970


1988-1993. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts Sant Jordi of the University of Barcelona. 

Painting specialty.



2018. Artemisia Gallery, Les Franqueses. Paint.

2017. Exhibition Hall, Fort Pienc. Paint.

2016. Comas Gallery, Barcelona. Paint.

2015. Artemisia Gallery, Les Franqueses. Paint.

2014. Old Noguera Factory, Beceit. Monotypes and painting.

2014. Hacket London with Fidel Balaguer Gallery in Barcelona. Paint.

2013. ECUS Room, Sentmenat. Monotypes and painting.

2013. Comas Gallery, Barcelona. Monotypes and images.

2009. El Quatre Gallery, Granollers. Monotypes.

2008. Comas Gallery, Barcelona. Monotypes.

2006. El Quatre Gallery, Granollers. Monotypes.

2002. Nova Gallery, Sabadell. Painting and engraving.

2001. The Choir, Sentmenat “Paraules Imatges”. Recorded.

2000. Nova Gallery, Sabadell. Painting and engraving.

1999. New Library, Sentmenat. Painting and engraving.

1999. Can Bassa Hall, Granollers. Painting and engraving.

1998. Can Rajoler Room, Parets dels Vallès. Painting and engraving.

1998. Can Xerracan Hall, Montornès del Vallès. Painting and engraving.

1996. In Albis Gallery, Barcelona. Painting and engraving.

1996. Exhibition hall of the City Council of La Garriga. Painting and engraving.

1996. Muntadas Tower of El Prat de Llobregat. Painting and engraving.

1995. Exhibition room, Central Headquarters of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya in Barcelona. Painting and engraving. Exhibition won by contest.

1994. The Cabin, Manlleu. Recorded.

1993. Exhibition room of the Sentmenat Town Hall. Painting and engraving.

1992. Negre Gallery, Sabadell. Paint.


2022. ArtsLibris ARCO Lisbon

2022. Journée de l'Estampe Contemporaine, Paris

2022. ArtsLibris Barcelona

2021-22. ArtsLibris ARCO Madrid


2018 . II Mapax Ceramic Art Meeting, Vigo.

2018 . Guest in Artistic Residency at the MAPAX Art Center, Tomiño (Pontevedra).

2017. Vermuts Miró Art Contest.

2013. Covers. El Quatre Gallery, Barcelona

2007-12. Small Format. El Quatre Gallery, Granollers.

2006-2017. Summer collective. Comas Gallery, Barcelona.

2006. La Barceloneta Civic Center Engraving Show, Barcelona.

2002-12. Spring Show El Quatre Gallery, Granollers.

2001-2007. Shows Germinart, Montornès del Vallès.

2001. Nova 3 Gallery, Sabadell.

2001. El Quatre Gallery, Granollers, permanent work.

2000-22. Estripa´m, Sabadell. Mercat d'Art to the Rambla.

2001. “Trobadors i joglars”, Granollers.

2001. «Broken Wings» (about Frida Khalo), Granollers.

2000. «The temps», Can Xerracan de Montornès del Vallès.

1999. René Metràs Gallery, Barcelona, «Les banyistes l'últim estiu».

1997. Scent, Sabadell.

1994. Collective exhibition of young artists, Vendrell.

1992-96. Martorell Painting Exhibition.

1991. Negre Gallery, Sabadell.

1990. Spring Exhibition of the Official College of Doctors and Graduates in Fine Arts and Drawing Teachers of Catalonia.

1991. Catalan Association of Plastic Artists (ACAP), Barcelona.



2017. Mapax Ceramic Art, Androx Museum, Vigo.

2006. Selected 1st Prize for painting Manuel Torres, City of Mataró.

2003. Participation in the "Imaginary tableware" project of the Barcelona Food Culture Museum, directed by the artist Miralda.

1999. Mural painting in the Casal de Cultura de Can Butjosa de Parets del Vallès

1998. Accésit at the Biennial of young art of Martorell.

1995. Collaboration giving documentary material about the work itself, with the Department of Art History of the

University of Barcelona, ​​under the direction of Dr. Lourdes Cirlot.

1994. Winner of the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Contest for Spanish Artists.

1994. Selected in the modalities of engraving and painting, in the XIV Exhibition of Plastic Arts for young people of the Government of Catalonia.

1994. Finalist in the Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Catalan Art of the Canals gallery in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

1994. 3rd Prize for painting at the III Biennial of the Martorell Art Hall.

1993. Selected in the category of painting in the XIII Exhibition of Plastic Arts for young people of the Government of Catalonia.

1992. Selected in the modality of engraving in the XII Exhibition of Plastic Arts for young people of the

Government of Catalonia.



2002-19. Director of the Sentmenat Art Workshop.

2012. Article publication "The Sentmenat Art History Museum", GUIX-381 magazine, January.

2008-12. Creation and development of the Mirart Project for artistic revitalization by the ECUS room of the City Council, Sentmenat.

2006-08. Member of the Selection Committee of the Can Xerracan Exhibition Hall, Montornès del Vallès.

2002-03. Artistic project "Regnet" Grupo Incívica, Granollers.

1999 to 2008. Member of the selection jury for the rapid painting contest, Parets del Vallès.


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